About Us

Scott Kaufman

Scott Kaufman

California Lemon Lawyers was founded in 2003 by Scott R. Kaufman. Dissatisfied with his past position at a profit-driven big firm, Mr. Kaufman left to start a law practice that is more like a “legal aid” type of setting which is genuinely dedicated to helping consumers, not just the bottom line. At any one time, California Lemon Lawyers is actively helping over 100 California consumers.  The firm has been directly responsible for getting millions of dollars returned to California Consumers over the years. All attorneys are members of the prestigious National Association of Consumer Advocates. Mr. Kaufman is now the California co-chair for NACA and he regularly attends conferences to hone and his consumer advocate skills. Mr. Kaufman also teaches Mandatory Continuing Legal Education classes to other attorneys in the areas of lemon law and auto fraud, nationwide, in order to further the cause.

Why Choose California Lemon Lawyers?

Experience: California Lemon Lawyers has always focuses on consumer protection issues. We have experience in all phases of the legal process, from arbitration through trial. We have obtained money settlements for California consumers in countless cases against slick car dealerships, major manufacturers, and curbstone rip-off artists.

Exclusive Consumer Law Firm: California Lemon Lawyers focuses solely on consumer issues. We litigate lemon law (breach of warranty) claims, deceptive trade practices and fraud in the sale of vehicles, fair debt collection claims, and fair credit reporting claims. California consumers are severely underserved by their Government and in the private sector, in these types of claims and need us to stand up for them.

Legal expertise: California Lemon Lawyers is not a mill. Rather, each case gets personalized attention and evaluation. Our focus and experience in working with a variety of claims and statutes allows us to prosecute cases to their best result. The “big firms” tend to look only for a quick turnover. We do what it takes to get you the best possible result.

Free Evaluation and Consultation: When you contact California Lemon Lawyers you will be treated with courtesy and professionalism. Your case review is free of charge. This includes an initial consultation by phone, a review of all your documents, and a meeting in person, should you desire. IF we do not take your case, we will not turn you away with a “sorry, we can’t help you” like so many other firms. Instead, at no cost to you, we will likely give you guidance on what to do or where to look next.

Attorney’s Fees: California Lemon Lawyers works on a contingency fee basis. This means that if we are not getting a favorable result for you, we are not getting paid. If we do obtain a favorable settlement or judgment for you, the defendant will pay most, if not all, of our fees.

Results: California Lemon Lawyers knows that you need these problems resolved as quickly as possible. We are prepared to go all the way to trial if necessary, but we will also advise you to take an early settlement IF it is one that suits your individual needs.