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BMW Issues more Recalls!

BMW Recall: Over 30,000 Vehicles AffectedBMW’s reputation as the ultimate driving machine is taking a hit lately. BMW has several recalls out right now from issues related to faulty battery cables to concerns with electrical problems that may cause unexpected stalling. Should you have these or other concerns with your ultimate driving machine feel free to get in touch with our offices for a no fee consultation.


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The California Lemon Law is one of the strongest in the nation which includes a provision for attorney fees, making the manufacturer pay the attorney for time spent on your Lemon Law claim. The Lemon Law in California can cover Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV’s, SUV’s, RV’s, Jet Ski’s and other types of vehicles and consumer products.The California Lemon Law may even cover your small business lemon. If your vehicle or consumer product is a lemon, you may be entitled to get your money back, a new replacement, or perhaps, a cash settlement. So you have nothing to lose, except that Lemon! On this site, you have access to free Lemon Law information to help you gain the knowledge you need before filing a claim.

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CA Lemons offers Lemon Law attorney services in Northern and Southern California. Please contact our Lemon Law lawyer in California to learn more about our services.

Recent Results

In a Los Angeles area case where a BMW mini-cooper caught fire due to a failed power steering assembly, BMW refused the consumer's request for a buy back, stating it's warranty does not cover fires! We were able to obtain a confidential amount from BMW and other parties which totaled more than three times the value of the vehicle.
In a Sacramento area case where a car dealer promised to unwind a client's purchase, the dealer failed to give the client her money back after she gave the car back. We were able to obtain more than four times that amount back.
In an Alameda County area case where a dealer failed to smog a vehicle prior to selling it, we got all of the client's money back and the dealer paid her attorney fees.
In a Ventura County area case where the consumer had constant issues related to keeping air in the tires of his 550SL sports car, we were able to obtain a cash settlement that equaled more than 27 monthly payments by suing the dealer and the manufacturer.
In a recent Santa Clara area case we were able to obtain 150% of the price of the motorcycle from a major motorcycle manufacturer and get the consumer's attorney fees paid.
In a recent San Diego area case when a dealer failed to pay off a client's trade in within the proper time frame, we were able to get the consumer her original trade in back, a small sum for her trouble and have her attorney fees paid by the dealer.